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Create courses fast, and Build a top-notch e-learning site, and Sell your courses with ease. All for a low one-time investment.



Create & Sell Profit Pulling Courses Quickly In Only 3 Easy Steps

#1 Create your own Course

Add your own video lessons, e-books, Text materials & tests in LMS

#2 Add Payment Options

Select your payment gateways to accept payments.

#3 Publish & Profits

Publish your courses o and keep 100% of the leads and profits.

Today, We’re Going To Put The Exact Software In Your Hands That Can Help You Build Your Own Profitable Academy

(Which of These Benefits Could You Use?)

Do you know?

The current market size of the ed-tech industry in India is estimated to be $2.8 billion. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 39% to reach $10.4 billion by 2025.

What is the share that you are going to grab from this $10.4 billion??

Meet Arulneri Cyprian

Arulneri Cyprian is a highly skilled LMS (Learning Management System) website developer and automation expert. With a strong passion for technology and a deep understanding of e-learning systems, Arulneri excels in creating robust and user-friendly platforms that optimize the learning experience.

Arulneri Cyprian has successfully developed and implemented various LMS websites for educational institutions, corporate training programs, and online learning platforms. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions, Arulneri has helped clients enhance their training programs, increase learner engagement, and achieve their organizational goals.

Arulneri Cyprian is passionate about staying updated with the latest trends and advancements in the e-learning industry. By continuously expanding knowledge and refining skills, Arulneri ensures that every project delivers cutting-edge solutions tailored to the unique needs of clients.

Boost your online business growth with Arulneri Cyprian


Free Domain

You will get a domain of your choice for one year (If available)

Free Hosting

100 GB SSD storage for one year validity

SSL Security

SSL Security included for one year validity

Business email

Get 3 business mails ID like yourname@yoursite.com

Free E-mails

You can send 1000 emails per day


Full fledged LMS system with unlimited courses and students

Test & Quiz

You can conduct quiz /test to the students


You can issue digital certificates to unlimited students


You can manage all your students under one dashboard

Payment gateway

You can collect payments through Instamojo and razorpay

Link Tracker

You can create custom links and can track them

Coupon Generator

You can create unlimited unique coupon codes


You can automate the user creation and sending emails upon the payment triggers

Landing page builder

You can create unlimted landing pages to sell them effectively

Sales funnels

You can create unlimited sales funnels and manage them

Affiliate system

You can multiply the salesthrough affiliate platform

Forms Pro

You can create and manage unlimited forms


You can create and automate the social proof notifications

Pop ups & Bars

You can create unlimited pop-ups and bars

Live Chat

Live chat integrated in your site

Sales analytics & Reports

You can manage your sales and collections very easily

How do I help You achieve success?

As you have a single platform, you don't need one app for e-commerce platform, one app for funnel creation, and another one email automation. With Skilmila academy builder, you can find them all in one spot.

See How you can Save 25K / Month by using our Skilmila Academy Builder

In LMS Platform Save Rs. 3000/M

By avoiding Teachable or Kajabi

In E-mail Marketing & CRM Save Rs. 1000/M

By avoiding Mailchimp or Getresponse

In Landing pages Save Rs. 8000/M

By avoiding Clickfunnels or Instapage

In Automation process Save Rs. 7000/M

By avoiding Zapier or Pabblyconnect

In LMS Platform Save Rs. 3000/M

By avoiding Teachable or Kajabi

In E-mail Marketing & CRM Save Rs. 1000/M

By avoiding Mailchimp or Getresponse

In Landing pages Save Rs. 8000/M

By avoiding Clickfunnels or Instapage

In Automation process Save Rs. 7000/M

By avoiding Zapier or Pabbly connect

In Pop-ups & Bars Save Rs. 1000

By avoiding Optinmaster or Leadpages

In Forms builder Save Rs. 2000

By avoiding Typeform or Jotform

In Social proof Save Rs. 1000

By avoiding Wisernotify or Trustpulse

In Affiliate, Coupon generator and livechat Save Rs. 2000

By avoiding Many platforms

In Pop-ups & Bars Save Rs. 1000

By avoiding Optinmaster or Leadpages

In Forms builder Save Rs. 2000

By avoiding Typeform or Jotform

In Social proof Save Rs. 1000

By avoiding Wisernotify or Trustpulse

In Affiliate, Coupon generator and livechat Save Rs. 2000

By avoiding Many platforms

Now you can sell your courses

in your own platform, without having any tech skills and no monthly charges or commisions

Very Low One time set-up fee / No monthly commitments


You had three options

with numerous issues that could drain your resources, as well as your time and energy.

Handover the project to IT People

To get the job done efficiently, always be prepared to pursue freelancers. If you are considering employing skilled pros, be prepared to invest Rs. 50,000 to Rs.1,00,000 for only one site and endless updates.

Depending on Third party SaaS Platforms

You are extremely mistaken if you believe that using third-party sites can help you escape this quagmire. You run the risk of issues like paying large monthly fees, profit sharing, having no control over your content and site traffic, and many others when using third-party platforms.

Getting trained from Freelancers as DIY

There are lot of freelancers train in  setting up a coaching business, but still you will be have to a tech-savvy to do that. You have to spend a lot of time to set-up automations in the backend after spending for a lot of monthly subscriptions for Tech-services like themes & Pluguins.

Now you can sell your courses

in your own platform, without having any tech skills and no monthly charges or commissions

Proudly introducing

Skilmila Academy Builder

An e-learning platform that is fully functional and ready to use with no monthly payments! for institutes & coaches.

Very Low One time set-up fee / No monthly commitments

What do you want ? Everything is here!

We have extended facilities included in our platform as given below


Self Hosting Platform






E-mail management & Marketing


Forms Builder




Sales Funnels


Payment gateway


Live Chat


FOMO Notifications


Affiliate system

Wait !! In Addition to that we will create a professional LOGO for your business

This 40 Minutes and 49 rupees could change your life

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Frequently Asked Questions

Skilmila.com specializes in LMS website development and automation. We provide end-to-end solutions to create customized Learning Management Systems that streamline online education and training processes.

At Skilmila.com, we follow a comprehensive process for LMS website development. It involves understanding your unique requirements, designing a user-friendly interface, implementing robust functionality, integrating automation features, and providing ongoing support and maintenance.

An LMS (Learning Management System) can greatly benefit your business or organization by centralizing and automating the management of training programs, courses, and educational content. It enhances the learning experience for your users, improves efficiency, and enables effective tracking and reporting of learner progress.

Absolutely! Skilmila.com understands the importance of branding and customization. We can tailor the LMS website to align with your brand identity, incorporate your preferred color scheme, logo, and design elements, and integrate additional features specific to your organization's needs.

Automation simplifies various administrative tasks associated with managing an LMS. It can automate user registration, course enrollment, progress tracking, certificate generation, and more. This saves time, reduces manual effort, and ensures a seamless user experience.

Yes, Skilmila.com can integrate various third-party tools and functionalities into your LMS website. This includes payment gateways, video conferencing platforms, content authoring tools, analytics systems, and more. We ensure seamless integration to enhance the capabilities of your LMS.

Skilmila.com provides ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth functioning of your LMS website. This includes regular updates, bug fixes, security enhancements, data backups, and technical support to address any issues that may arise.

The timeline for LMS website development is generally less than a week however this depends on the complexity of your requirements, customization needs, and the size of your project. Skilmila.com works closely with clients to provide an estimated timeframe based on the specific project details.

No. We are not going to train you to do it. We are going to make the website for you with full automations.

You no need to worry. We will personally guide you to do it. 

Yes. For the first year. However you have to renew every year.

We are available at our customer care number 9551462024 from 10 am to 6 pm. But for emergency help we are available 24X7.

You will get a clear idea about online coaching business and its potential. As we are going to reveal all the truths behind E-Learning business in the session

No this Rs.49 is the charges for the 45 minutes professional consultation. For LMS creation there will be a small one-time set up fee.

You no need to worry. for this platform only Basic computer operation knowledge is required. We will train you according to the need.

Please boo the 1:1 session. all your queries will be answered there.

Read what my client says !!

I had the pleasure of working with Arulneri Cyprian and his company Skilmila for the development of our LMS website. The experience was exceptional from start to finish. Arulneri's expertise in LMS website development was evident in the seamless functionality and user-friendly design of our soft-skill training platform. The automation solutions implemented by Skilmila significantly improved our workflow efficiency. I highly recommend Arulneri and Skilmila for any LMS website development needs.
Soft-skill trainer
I had the pleasure of collaborating with Arulneri Cyprian and Skilmila for the development of our LMS website for art designs, and I couldn't be more impressed. Arulneri's deep knowledge of LMS systems and their attention to detail resulted in a highly functional and visually appealing platform. The website's user interface was intuitive and engaging, providing an exceptional learning experience for our users. Skilmila's commitment to delivering on time and within budget was commendable. I highly recommend Arulneri Cyprian and Skilmila for their expertise in LMS website development.
Professional artist
Working with Arulneri Cyprian and Skilmila was an absolute pleasure. Their expertise in LMS website development exceeded our expectations. Arulneri's keen eye for detail and creativity resulted in a visually stunning and user-friendly platform that perfectly aligned with our organization's goals in digital marketing training. The automation solutions implemented by Skilmila revolutionized our training processes, improving efficiency and allowing for personalized learning experiences. I am grateful for Arulneri's professionalism, prompt communication, and commitment to delivering a high-quality LMS website. I highly recommend Arulneri Cyprian and Skilmila for anyone seeking exceptional LMS website development services.
Digital marketer
Working with Arulneri Cyprian and Skilmila for our LMS website development was a game-changer. Arulneri's deep understanding of e-learning systems and their customization abilities resulted in a tailored platform that perfectly met our requirements for our vedic maths training. The website's performance and stability exceeded our expectations, thanks to the technical expertise of the Skilmila team. The automation solutions implemented by Arulneri have simplified our administrative tasks, allowing us to focus more on delivering quality learning content. We are grateful for the exceptional service provided by Arulneri Cyprian and highly recommend Skilmila for LMS website development projects.
Jebin Galdson
Vedic maths trainer
Arulneri Cyprian and his team at Skilmila did an outstanding job developing our LMS website on numerology. The attention to detail and commitment to delivering a high-quality product were impressive. The user experience of our platform was greatly enhanced, thanks to Arulneri's expertise in UX design. The automation solutions implemented by Skilmila have streamlined our processes, saving us time and effort. We are extremely satisfied with the LMS website developed by Arulneri Cyprian and would gladly work with Skilmila again.
Sai mithran
Arulneri Cyprian and Skilmila delivered an outstanding LMS website for our organization. From the initial consultation to the final implementation, their professionalism and expertise were evident. Arulneri's in-depth understanding of automation techniques allowed us to streamline our administrative processes, saving us valuable time and resources. The LMS website developed by Skilmila was not only visually appealing but also highly functional, catering to the diverse learning needs of our users. I highly recommend Arulneri Cyprian and Skilmila for their top-notch LMS website development services.
Lead Manager

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