Skilmila Affiliate Program is a specially designed program for those who wish to earn money by promoting our courses from our affiliate entrepreneur community. Choose from our courses to resell and get a 50%  commission on the price.

STEP - 1

Click the button below to register or login

STEP - 2

Register yourself as an affiliate.

 Please note that If you had purchased a product recently (After 20th September 2022) you are already registered as an affiliate. You can log in directly.

STEP - 3

This is your affiliate link. You can promote any of our products by sharing this link. If anybody purchases through your affiliate link your referral commission will be credited to your wallet. 

STEP - 4

You can create custom links for any of our products by clicking this link

STEP - 5

You can copy the link of any product from the address bar and you can promote the same

STEP - 6

Paste the link in the provided box


Our two fast moving products' landing pages are given below for your convenience


 1. 30 Days English Speaking formula ( Rs.1997) (50% commission)


2. 30 Days Hindi Speaking Formula (Rs.1997) (50% commission)


STEP - 7

Your affiliate link of the particular product is generated now. You can start promoting by sharing the link of the product and earning commissions.

STEP - 8

You can see the referral benefit in the wallet.

 You can use this cash in two different ways.

1. You can purchase any of our courses worth of 150% of your wallet cash. 

For Eg. 

If you have Rs.1000 in your wallet you can purchase a course priced up to Rs.1500.

2. You can redeem the cash by sending us your Gpay or Paytm number. Payouts will be made every Monday. There is no minimum wallet amount required to withdraw.